Re:Nourish is a nutrient-rich, all-natural soil enhancer that feeds

  • Your garden
  • Your flower beds
  • All your plants – indoors and out!

It’s rich in Micro and Macro Nutrients. Re:Nourish delivers nutrients to plants like fertilizer and enriches soil like compost. 

It’s designed to benefit you, your plants, and the environment. Re:nourish recycles unused food waste and scraps that would otherwise be thrown out and turns them into an eco-friendly growing media that helps you grow beautiful, delicious, and nutritious plants.

It’s all-natural and all-purpose. Re:nourish is designed for bountiful gardening and can be used on all types of plants, in all types of soils.

Created from locally-sourced food scrap waste that is recycled in our digesters, Re:Nourish helps keep food waste out of landfills and brings that nourishment to your plants.

Re:Nourish is rich in nutrients and can be used to feed all types of plants and soils. Use it for bountiful gardening, to help your lawn flourish, and for growing indoors and outdoors. 

How to Use

For use on LAWNS

Re:Nourish’s 3 lbs bag can be spread over 500 sq ft of lawn. Every six months, distribute Re:Nourish over the desired area by hand or broadcast spreader and water thoroughly.

For use on PLANTS

Add 5-6 tablespoons (⅜ cup) of Re:Nourish to your potting mix when starting a small indoor or outdoor vegetable or plant.

Add up to 8 tablespoons (½ cup) of Re:Nourish to feed your new tree or mature plant.

For large trees or shrubs, apply up to 16 tablespoons (1 cup) of Re:Nourish around the base of the plant and water.

For use in the GARDEN

1 cup of Re:Nourish can cover up to 90 sq ft of your garden or raised bed. Distribute Re:Nourish over the desired area by hand and water.

A 3 lbs bag of Re:Nourish contains an estimated 6 cups per bag.

Re:Nourish won’t harm plants or soil if over-applied and can be applied overtop mulch and directly to existing plants. For best results, gently blend with existing soil and water after application.

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