George's Story

When George started collecting food scraps from friends, neighbors, and local businesses and turning it into fertilizer, the goal was modest: to do his part in fighting food waste while using his entrepreneurial spirit to provide a useful service. But, as time went on, the potential impact of turning food waste into fertilizer started to become clearer.

Every year in the U.S., an estimated 30-40% of all food is thrown out. The ripple effects of this waste are immense, including accounting for 14.1% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Without question, this waste has powerful effects on the environment, the economy, and food security.

George saw the potential impact of his food-to-fertilizer process, which works by breaking down food scrap waste in our aerobic digesters. Over the course of 24 hours, the process uses only time, heat, and digestive enzymes to sanitize and recycle the scraps, creating a clean, nutrient-rich soil enhancer without any foul odors, contaminants, or waste.

And, since realizing what this could mean for the environment – and for our gardens and plants – our efforts have continued to grow! George’s Harvest has expanded to have food scrap diversion arrangements with neighborhoods, restaurant and grocery chains, corporate and healthcare centers, and more, as well as producing the products that you see on this site: Re:nourish, Re:mix, and Re:peat.

Instead of letting food go to waste and harm the environment, we’re here to help everyone who wants what’s best for the planet to be able to play a part in growing bountiful food, sustainably.

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