Food Waste

to Fertilizer

We’re proud to introduce our line of lawn and garden products made from food scraps.

Did you say

food scraps?

We certainly did! At George’s Harvest, we make lawn & garden products from recycled food scraps, which we save from the landfill and turn into something better. It all started with a man, a plan, and something called a “digestor.”

Did you know:

In the US, food waste is a huge problem, with nearly 40% of all food going to waste – that’s 119 billion pounds a year! Together, we can make a difference.

How we turn food scraps into food for your plants

Pathogens are destroyed. Food scraps are broken down. And behold: a clean, nutrient-rich product is made.

Pathogens are destroyed:

Inside the digester, temperatures reach levels that meet pasteurization requirements. The temperature, moisture, and other levels are monitored throughout in order to maintain optimal conditions that eliminate pathogens and create a sanitized product.

Food scraps are broken down:

Our digestive enzymes break down food waste over the course of 24 hours in this controlled environment. The digester’s closed-loop system ensures a clean process without pollutants, contamination, or foul odors, and its digestive microbes lock in nutrients as the food waste is processed.

A clean, nutrient-rich product is created:

What comes out the other end is called the digestate, and we’re able to quality-check it on-site, immediately. Its micro and macro nutrient levels are checked regularly as part of our constant system monitoring.